The Comeback 1.0

Ladies/Gents – I’m back!!!

Finally after all this time. We’ve revamped this page a bit and we’ve made some minor adjustments.
I certainly hope you find this ‘new blog’ way more interesting. The Come Back Queen has arrived.
Stay tuned and hit me up.

I wanted to start this ‘new blog’ with some positive vibes, something different – you know ?
This year has been rocky, as have many years – lets keep it moving though. I have however had quite a few life changing realizations.
One of the biggest – being that I need to be super grateful, I do have quite a few things to be grateful about.
Maybe not millions in my bank account, or that super fancy job but the little things.
So how about ‘90 days of gratitude‘, I’m willing to dig deep and share with all of you exactly what I am grateful for each day for the next 90 days.
After all Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life!

If you are keen , and willing to share this with myself and the rest of the people around you.
Then you can use the hashtags #BGrateful2018
Your list of the things you’re grateful for can vary (whatever you’re comfortable with).
If you think no one is keen enough to see what you’re grateful, feel free to tag me
(Remember the hashtag – on both Facebook or Instagram, as well as your very own WordPress account). I will be sharing my 90 days of gratitude on Instagram and Facebook, and on Milestone days will share a more in dept update!

You can follow me on Instagram : @bini_bhaga and on Snap chat @binita_bini
Obviously you know this you can also add me on Facebook – Binita Bini Bhaga

Love and Light always , B!