Trendy Much ???

Because I am so excited about my new blog and the feedback off my blog was quite amazing I decided to share another post.
In South Africa – Winter is nearing an end, it’s still however far too cold to say Spring is almost here. They say colours are everything.

My Opinion – Darker colours seem to be a winter colour. Black, Navy, Burgundy, Khaki, and so on. But why not push it and wear white – I always wanted to an Ice Queen. Won’t Brighter colours brighten up your day. I say wear a lighter shade of lipstick, maybe put on a white shirt tomorrow morning. Rock some colours. Be daring – Go against the grain. Or don’t. But do you.
So Here goes my TOP 3 .
Fall Lip colours.
I would say the most used colours this winter would be more along the lines of Rich Burgundy’s and Deep Plum’s.
My Fave : REVLON Colourburst – Matte Balm – number 215 – Shameless. This one give’s you a deep mysterious look. Stole this one from my sister.

Secondly I think would be your mixed neutrals, pink blush and nudes – It’s a very safe colour, especially if you’re in a hurry. Nude’s go with Darker and Brighter Colours.
My Fave : ESSENCE Longlasting Lipstick – number 05 – cool nude. This is a definately bargain.

And then thirdly – Rose pinks and fuchsia’s.
For this one – I definitely mix my colour’s.
I use:  REVLON Colorburst – Matte Balm – number 220 – Showy flamboyant and number 250 standout Remarquable. You could call it a purple-ish-Fuschia.


And Ofcourse I know we all get winter Lips (chapped, extra dry lips).
Both Of these Smell great and are translucent – If you cannot go without a lip color – You could always put this underneath it.
Maybelline – Baby Lips – Hydrate.
Labello – Lip Butter – Blueberry Blush
Also – You could always just use a Baby petroleum Jelly. Works wonders.


So I tend to go against the grain when it comes to following trends – I like to do my thing. Follow my own path – if that makes sense.

Lets get to Nail Colours –

So for those who know me – I am obsessed with good looking nails. No shade to young ladies and women who don’t get their nails done. But I’d just feel incomplete without my nails. I always like to experiment with shapes, lengths, colours, designs. Not Sure if I have all the post nail pictures. But I will include some stage. Also in these pictures you’ll see my colour choices don’t exactly fit the colour trends.( alil secret – I have fat fingers – so I get my nails done so that people are drawn to my nails and not my fingers. haha)

Below – The Nail Situation right now – This is called Calming Lavender – (more on the pink side though) . P.S – These are my own nails, I just do an acrylic Overlay and a gel or nail colour. No sparkle , But I did do them in Matte. I love Matte – Think that would be a current Trend.


Hope You all like this post.. More posts to come, just keep checking in. Please give me a follow. Remember to follow me on the Gram and Twitter as well – links will be included.

I just wanted to shout out to all those who have viewed or liked my Blog. Its definitely appreciated. Hope You all never lose interest. And those of you haven’t taken time to browse through. Its all good.

Love , Light and Peace



Myself, Shoes and Healthy Living…

Ok – so here goes. My first real  post on my New Bog.

But first let me fill you in on who Binita is.
I am a 20 year old female, born April 30th in 95′. I am a born and bred South African living in Johannesburg.
My life may not be all that special to some of you. But it’s special to me.
I have a 9-5 Day job as an I.T Grad, ‘Specialist’ is what I’d like to call myself.
My interests vary from fashion, Photography, Charity events to eating and sleeping…
I have high hopes and unrealistic dreams like many others out there.
I’d like to be a millionaire by 25, who know’s maybe I will get there. Sooner or maybe later.
I’m not sure if it’s unlikely for a 20 year to be undecided about their career path. But I am.
I guess It’s just that I’d to make all my dreams come true. I feel like one shouldn’t  be put in a box.
One day I really and truly want to be a photographer, one day its public relations, one day its I.T. I have my days.
Enough about me.
Let me fill you in on my most recent doings.

I am a lover of shoes. I have many pairs, and it’s very likely that I’d post my purchases.
So The Nike Roshe Run 1 – beautiful shoes.
Not only are they comfy and light, they look stunning. I bought an all white pair. This is my second pair of Roshe’s.

They definately look great on.
I recently discovered a online sneaker store. Based in Cape Town. Shelflife.
They offer free shipping and are quite reasonable with their prices.
Web Address :
Picture to follow.

image2 image3
Also I have been on my weight loss journey for quite some time, I have been trying all sorts of extreme diets.
I am only seeing some sort of progress now that I have started Banting.
Not sure if you all know this one – It’s called BANTING. Part of the ‘REAL MEAL REVOLUTION’ – it’s an intense diet.
The diet is high in fat but includes very few carbohydrates. Its made of lists – Green, Orange and Red.
These indicate what you can eat (green), what is ok but contains carbs (orange) and what you should definitely not eat (red).
It takes some time and all depends on the individual. I will definitely post pictures once I see significant results. – If you’re interested.
Also another thing regarding this that I would like to stress. Society shouldn’t pressure women into being skinny.
All that matters is that you are comfortable in your body. Every individual is beautiful.

Tips on Healthy Eating. Just some tips I have made use of.

  1. Eats lots of green leafy Vegetables, vegetables and fruit are great for energy especially on a low sugar diet.
  2. Drink lots of Water (+- 2 Litres per day) – This helps to flush out all toxins from your body.
  3. I drink up to 3 cups of Green Tea a Day. No sugar, No Honey, No sweeteners. Yes. Its bitter – But you’ll get use to it.
  4. The latest trend that actually works – Detox Water – You can flavour them with fruit of your choice. Ofcourse they all serve different purposes. I mainly use Mint, Lemon, Cucumbers and Blueberry’s (when in season) also strawberry’s work great.
  5. Cut down on Carbs , If possible – cut down on Carbs completely.


Anyway – Think I’m done for now.

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Love , Light and peace all around.

Binita xx