Happy Women’s Month!

Women’s Month.
Let me start by saying this. This post is an open letter to all the women and young ladies out there getting it, hustling day and night, trying to make a name for themselves. I applaud you. I applaud the women who have been through it all and kept it moving. I applaud you my mom for basically just dealing with me, I applaud my sister, the road has been rough and your smile never seemed to fade – I have high hopes that I could be a just half the woman you are one day. You are all QUEENS.

So let’s get straight to it.
I’ve been reading a book by Sophia Amaruso titled #GIRLBOSS. This is her first book about her success story. She is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. In the beginning of her book she makes this statement : “A #GIRLBOSS is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.” – To me this makes sense. Sophia wasn’t ordinary. She was every bit uncommon. She worked mediocre day jobs and was broke. She started off her business by selling clothes which she’d purchased at thrift stores, calling them ‘vintage’ on eBay, people saw a spark in her, she since has become A 100 million dollar plus online fashion retailer. She’s real and brutally honest about her success. Since I read this book – I like to think of myself as a GIRLBOSS. My favorite line from this book is : “Treat your thoughts like dollar bills. Don’t waste ’em.” 🙌💸 Even though most people out there might not think I have much going for myself, I know I’ve come a long way. And I know there are many ladies who can say the same thing. This book is definitely a must read. And to those who have already read it – feel free to let me know what you thought of it. I got mine at Takealot – not too pricey – reference the book title in the search block.
Web address : http://www.takealot.com

My favorite female poet of late would definitely be the late MAYA ANGELOU. An acclaimed author , poet, activist and storyteller. truly an inspirational woman. I remember first hearing one of her poems in Madea’s movies. Growing up I used to dabble around with poetry, I remember reading some good poems. I was never able to write anything great though. But one can never say never, right. I might just become the next great poet. Maya Angelou was born April 4th, which means we’re of the same star sign. So it could be one of those “meant to be” things. I’ve Always wanted to buy one of her books but never seemed to get down to it. But My favorite poem by Maya Angelou would be – Still I Rise. I think this poem is totally fitting for women’s month also another poem – WOMAN WORK, although highly contradicting to the 20th century female – it reminds us what we came from. Women have definitely evolved. And this mere fact makes me proud to be a woman.

One thing I definitely feel the need to talk about is music. In South Africa I don’t feel that women get enough recognition, this could definitely be an issue! A field crowded by and predominantly male, this young lady definitely set the standard quite high up. So a friend of mine had somewhat informed me of this lovely young woman – and of course I am grateful that he has.
TSAKI TOXI ZIBI – a South African born sought after female DJ of 22 years, goes by the name “DJ ToxZibi”.

This lady is Known for Her envelope-pushing blend of Tech and Deep House, also having been featured on International and Domestic airwaves and platforms. One would say she’s a Blossoming star on the rise and a force to be reckoned with !

•She is Part of a DJ society at the University of Johannesburg called the ‘UjMixxMasters’ – the aim of the society is to teach and groom future pioneers.
•DJ ToxZibi has Played in around GP, club scenes including Bannister Hotel & Kitcheners (Braamfontein) , Stones (Melville), Shaguma Garden Cafe` ,Capello (Midrand) and House 22 (Pretoria).
•She has been Guest to events hosted by DeepJunkys, Royal Entertainment, Orbit Fridays, Sunday Phola, GroundRoots RealSundays, PLASTIC PEOPLE & DEEPTekhishi & Keys In Space, House22SoundSoDeepMondays.
•She’s also Featured in various podcasts including Pleasures Of Intimacy, House365Radio and has also been on Metro Fm’s Urban Beat for the 2014 & 2015 Women’s Month edition consecutively, Voice of Wits (VOWfm), Experimental House Sessions & Deeper Shades of House show #466 & Deep Orgasm Podcast show #49
•She’s a Blender of Rare & Raw Deep, Tech & Soulful Rods.
•Played alongside International heavy weights from the Deep Inspiration Show ( Rene` Jazzman Wolski & Konstantin Olias) & Gloria Bulsara (Gilbes Music, Switzerland)
“Influenced by many, mentored by a few.”

Upcoming Gigs:
For those of you on the East Rand – She’s coming your way on the 5th September. Witness the talent for yourself!

image image

Also on the  25th September – You could cross paths with this lovely lady All the way in KZN!


Give her an add on Facebook and check out her latest gigs. (Tsaki ZIBI Tixi)

Lastly – I hope that the month August has been a great one for all you ladies! For the last time this year – Happy women’s month! ❤️❤️❤️

Love and light to all! 🙏🏽


A Sunday Playlist.

The sun is out , Birds are chirping but I am stuck working. Sounds like a great Sunday huh. Only thing about IT, you never know when you’re gonna be overly busy.

This  Playlist will consist of old and new tracks that make my heart absolutely happy. Working on Weekends isn’t amazing but it’s kinda become my life. But then who can say they got rich from being well rested, right. Back to the Music – My music taste varies from Old School Gangsta Rap, Soul, Deep House, R&B and Blues. Artist like Frank Sanatra (my dad’s influence), Luther Vandross, Kenny G, Biggy, Tupac , Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Brenda Fassie, Mariam Makeba and the list just goes on… So Here goes…

  1. Ain’t Nobody (Loves me Better) – Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson — This song gives me hope that someone out there is going to love me better than I already love myself. It makes me wanna get up and dance. I’d call it a feel good song.
  2. Dear Mama – Tupac – Because mom’s are amazing , and what better way to say it than through this track. And i always like to get thuggin’ with it.. I know all the words and definitely been listening to this one for years.
  3. On & On – Erykah Badu – My number one R&B/Soul Artist – Her sultry voice gets me everytime. This would be my typical sunday groove song.
  4. The Soul Cafe – Kaylow – The lyrics to this song are perfect  – He’s amazing – ‘Welcome everybody, get comfy in your bodyyy… ‘  – Such a great lyricist. I am definitely a lover of Kaylow’s Music.
  5. With Her hand – Ralf Gum (feat Hugh Masekela ) – Off the ‘In My City’ Album, features an age old South African Music Icon – I love this one.
  6. Endless Love – Duet with Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross – I’m taking it back with this one. Beautiful love song. Who knows maybe I’ll have them sing it at my wedding.
  7. Vul’indela – Brenda Fassie – One of my favourite South African pop Artist of all time. This song was released in 1997 – which makes it almost as old as me. If I’m not mistaken – This song is notorius for being played at weddings. Love it.
  8. Close these Curtains (Stimming Remix ) – Yoko Duo – I can never get tired of hearing this one – Absolutely adore Stimming – heard many stimming remixes and I can never say I didn’t like any of them
  9. I follow Rivers ( The Magician Remix ) – Lykke Li – Heard it in Durban last year at a club with my cousins, get’s me thinking about them. Its definitely a fun song.
  10. Overshadowed – Atjazz & Julian Gomes – Lovely deep tones and mesmerizing lyrics. Deep House is beautiful. Just beautiful .

Hope You all love these tracks as much as I do ….

Have a blessed Sunday All.

Love and Light to all. 🙂

12 August – Part 1

Ok – So I know I have been Awfully quiet for a few days now.
I’ve been dettached from Everything. But hopefully this post is worth all the distance.
Its WOMENS month – A month where women are celebrated, loved, nurtured and are just left to grow.
Happy Womens Month to all the ladies. May it be a great month..


Lets get to it.
Remember we spoke about the ‘banting‘ stuff – my weight-loss and whatever.
Well I am definitely getting there – Slowly but surely – not yet at the point where I’ll be posting nudes. ‘lol’
Although the temptation is always there – I guess you just have to be strong. Burgers, chips , coke, sweets – there will be a time for all that – And that time isn’t now.

My little trick – Bulletproof Coffee.
You make your normal coffee. I add a teaspoon of Xylitol, just for a little sweetness.
1 x teaspoon Pure Butter (preferably unsalted)
1 x teaspoon of Coconut Oil.
Mix well or you could even blend it.
This helps you eat less. Definitely keeps you fuller for longer.
I don’t recommend skipping meals but you might just be stuffed.
Lately I have been eating quite healthy.
This one here – can either be your breakfast or even a snack .
I use – Full cream yogurt and maybe just a teaspoon of Xylitol.
You could also add some diced or sliced almonds , peeled pumpkin seeds, flax seed or sunflower seeds.
Alll of these fit into the diet guidelines.


For Lunch I usually do Cubed Mozzarella , sliced tomatoes and mixed lettuce.
Season this with a little salt and pepper and Bob’s your uncle . Its quick and easy, especially for the working ladies, or school go’ers.
Remember to drink lots of water, it is important to stay hydrated.

Just a Reminder – Today is Wednesday – Happy Hump Day – which means you’re either someones WCW or –
Sitting around wondering where it is you went wrong. But look today You’re my WCW.
To those young ladies who wake up early every morning to work or study,
To the ladies who put on a fresh smile every morning even though inside she isn’t smiling…
To the ladies who have shit to pay and money to make . Here’s to you.
Here’s to being the ultimate Women Crush – I admire you , as do many other women out here.
God Bless you Honey. Do you.

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I will be back with more real soon.

Love , Light and lots of peace.