Take me Away..

Do You ever sit back and think that you would rather be someplace exotic or tropical. Of late this is what my thoughts consist of, pretty much everyday.
I am constantly longing for a perfect little escape, so this article will be dedicated to my Travel Wish list.

Number One on my travel wish list is Bali,
This Indonesian Island has spectacular mountain scenery,beautiful blue beaches and coral reefs.
It can make anyone long for a getaway. The surroundings can make anyone melt.

Number Two on my Travel Wish list is Definitely Sicily!
Sicily is the largest Island in the Mediterranean. Sicily’s beaches are amongst it’s best assets, the illustrious beaches featuring white sand and blue waters.
With accommodation right on the beach, I think this is a destination I will enjoy the most.
Number Three has got to be Dubai,
Apart from all the shopping I can do, apparently the night life is quite amazing.
Of course I would want to visit the UAE, it is after all the second largest economy in the Arab world.
Number Four would be Fiji,
I wouldn’t mind being idle at an upscale resort with views to die for. Maybe some extreme sports here and there.
I would pretty much just love what this tropical archipelago has to offer.


Enough of all this wishing, lets get our budgets right so we can do some traveling.

Love and light all, Hope you’ve noticed the change in my page. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, always happy to hear from those who give my articles a read. xx