My December Wishlist???

I planned to make this post a post about all the things I wanted this December. Then I sat back and thought, is that not a selfish thing to do ? Is it not selfish for me for want things that would only benefit me. Is it not selfish to think about only myself and nothing else. Yes you work all year long, yes it’s okay to want that new pair of sneakers, maybe a bottle of champagne here and there, that 18 year old whiskey your dad wants, but maybe just once lets think about others for a change. Just one year.

It’s always sad this time of the year, most of us are enjoying a warm Christmas meal and family time
and the rest live out on the street, all alone and with an empty stomach.
I am probably not in a financial position to put those less fortunate into a home or anything but I could probably buy a few people a warm meal and some thing to drink. I urge you to lend a hand to some one in need this festive season, And no you won’t get anything in return besides a very grateful ‘thank you’. And that’s OK. The little we do, could mean a lot to some one else.

You might not even need to do much, donate some old clothes or toys, volunteer in a soup kitchen for a couple of hours, Bake some cupcakes – hand them out at street corners, take part in Santa’s shoebox initiative or just spend some time with some one who needs it.

I hope this won’t be my last post for 2015, but if it is, Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate
and a happy new year to everybody, may your new years resolutions be realistic and champagne be bubbly.

Love and Light – Bini.
x x


#OOTD November 16th.

Hi my lovies! Sorry I’ve been so distant, No need to stress though.. I’m Back! And with a little OOTD for you. This was my Monday look. I know Alittle bright for a Monday, But what the Heck. Festive Season is here!


I did my usual all white . The white Jegging ( I Absolutely adore them, they’re way too comfy – I could practically live in mine), And I used my White Slouchy Tee. Then The Longer Length Sleeveless Blazer, I think this was just the highlight of my outfit.

I think By now its clear that I am a lover of all things white.

I used a tan Sandal. It’s got a little gold buckle detail. Thought it Adds a touch of flare.


Hope you all are great, I’ve missed you all oh so much..

And I have more for you all.! 🙂 xx




Review: Harevst Grill & Wine

Situated at Carnival City Casino on the east rand, this upmarket grill house boasts an inviting ambiance with welcoming staff.
With the interior being borderline rustic and contemporary, where Warm inviting woods and bold reds were used to make this grill house somewhat different.

image6 image7

You probably want to know if this very modern grill house has more to offer than just an exciting interior??
Well Yes they do.


The food was definitely something to write about, the menu varied from Vegetarian, salads, seafood, your expected grills and sweet endings. They offer wine options with most meals, red or white, dry or semi-sweet. The portions are just right. More than enough to fill you up. And tasty too.

image2Brace Yourself. This might make you hungry. Some of the meals we were lucky enough to try.

1) Lamb shank with Pilaf Rice.


2) Grilled lamb Chops with a side of Baked Potato, topped with fried onion rings.


3) Prawn and Chicken Curry, with a side of Pilaf Rice.


From what I’ve seen most people seem to like them too.
To those on the East Rand – You should definitely check this restaurant. You won’t regret it.
If you’ve been there already, let me know what you think of it.

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Love, light and Peace to All. 🙂