Lippie Scrub!

If you’re like me and you’re wearing lipstick all week. You’re lips tend to get dry and chapped. No one likes chapped lips! I’ve created a scrub of my own to prevent this. Lip scrubs are great to remove the dead skin from your lips. Also keeps it soft and smooth!

Rose water Lippie scrub Recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon of Rose Water
  • 1 tablespoon of Cane Sugar
  • 1 and a half tablespoons of Coconut Oil

All you have to do is mix together until combined. After mixing store in a cool dry place.


On application, use a pea sized amount. Rub in circular motion. Wipe off with a cotton ball and warm water. This scrub can be used daily before applying lipstick. I do this scrub daily, but depending on skin type – use when suitable for you!

Hope you guys love it! Let me know what you think

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Love and Light! โ˜„โ˜„โ˜„


Happy Anniversary!๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

Today marks one year since I have started my blog, I was able to explore many new avenues and I was able to express my self through this very blog ! Thank you all! I appreciate all the feedback and love I’ve received ! God bless you all! Stay tuned, I’ve got a whole lot more in store! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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Love and light to all!! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธโšœ



She’s twenty-one!

What it means to turn 21?

It means you’re an adult now, it’s no longer time to sit around and just wait for things to happen, it’s time to get out there and get those things done. It means you can now get out into the world , make your own memories, travel the world, meet new people, try new food and just do you the way only you know best.

My wishes weren’t extravagant, I found myself wanting happiness more than anything, wanting memories with people I loved, wanting the great moments to last forever. I found myself wishing to be successful in whatever I put my mind to.

I want to be great, not for anybody else, but for myself, for my sister and for my parents. I want them to be proud. I want to be able to sit back and be proud of myself too.

So if you’re turning 21 this year as well. I wish you all the best. May it be great and everything you’re expecting, no matter what your wishes are, may they be fulfilled.

It hasn’t been an easy ride, the future doesn’t look easy either, but Here’s to turning 21.. ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพimage

My birthday outfit was from River Island, it’s a two piece crocheted set, in Black. The crocheted detail was my favorite part of the outfit. I paired it with a frill suede tan peep toe heel. Those have to be my fave shoe right now. I through on some gold accessories and was ready to go! Hope you like. ๐Ÿ˜˜


love Bini ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’

Monday Morning Top 5 Playlist :)

I think I’m in one of those ‘I’m not sure why I’m listening to this kind of Music mood’ – If there is such a thing anyway. So I made a little playlist for you all. Of the artists I think are vocally perfect.

1. My number one has got to be Adele’s Hello. I absolutely love it. The song speaks a thousand word. Although the song is a little sad, It is Monday so why not. I can officially say that the QUEEN is back. She recently released this song, and its already made a name for itself.

2. My second best, I think I’ll take this one back, way back with Erykah Badu – Window seat. “So Can I get a window seat, don’t want nobody next to me…” This song stays winning!!! Like I can’t think Of a reason anyone wouldn’t remember it.

3. I grew up listening to Frank Sanatra, my dad absolutely admires his music. My favorite is ‘It’s Life‘. Songs like these teach life lessons!
” I’ve been up and down and over and out
And I know one thing
Each Time I find myself flat on my face,
I pick myself Up and get back in the race
That’s Life, That’s life”

4.ย  Now we’re going even further back into the day, Probably Mom and Dads era. This one is ‘Say a little prayer for you’ by Aretha Franklin. This is my all time fave!!!!Not sure But I think this song was released in the 1960’s.

5. Last but not least. Disclosure – Omen ft Sam Smith. This one picks up the vibe just a little. Also recently released and oh he’s just so handsome.

Have a fabulous week babies. Remember to say a little prayer each morning, oh and if you do find yourself flat on your face, remember to pick yourself up ๐Ÿ™‚


#OOTD : feat. the Gladiator Sandal.

It’s Spring or should I say it’s supposed to be spring in South Africa, we have temperatures over 25 degrees, sometimes over 30 Degrees. So you want to keep cool. Its essential to do so.


OOTD : Summer 2015 – Feat. The Gladiator Sandal


I used this cool white shift dress, it has a cutout block mesh on the sleeves. Always good to have one or two shift dresses lying around, great to just throw on. And they keep you cool.

The gladiator sandal, is a fun item to have. You can throw them on to spice up an outfit. They look great and are very comfy. I love mine.

The accessories… The black drop Earings are Lovisa, and Tassel bracelet is Cotton On. Also my Gold watch from Daniel Klein. I also did a bright orange and white nail.


I have a gladiator shoe on my wish list – Thought I’d share. It’s from zoom – They’re called ‘Holley‘ and from SuperBalist. I absolutely love these. Hope to get it before summer ends.

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Love & Light ! ๐Ÿ™‚

#OOTD – 4/10 + 11/10 :)

So sorry I’ve been so distant. I’ve been somewhat busy. And Yes I know, I need to time manage.

So this isn’t just one OOTD, they are the past 2 Fridays Outfit’s. Both feature the ‘White Jegging’, this particular one, fits like a glove. It shows all the right curves. Its a full lenght one, and in both instances you can see that I’ve rolled mine up alittle bit.

I’ve decided to call this look – the angel.image4 image3

Its an All white outfit, with a touch of gold.
This is a Cut out lace swing top. Very cute and very cool, especially for the heatwave we’ve been having in Johannesburg.

The shoe, is a brushed gold cuffed sandal, with white sole. They’re very comfy. And add a bit of flare to this very outfit,

The next look – is very much a sporty one.

image2 image1

I used the White jegging. You can also They’re also somewhat high waisted.

This grey side slit sleevless tee , is so cute. Very casual, but a fun tee.ย  I’ve got 2 already, and I Plan on getting more. Better get yourself one too.

And the sneaks, are my fav yet. The all white Roshe Run 1. They’re the ‘comfiest’ sneaks I have.

P.S – Don’t mind my facials. I tend to look awkward sometimes.
Please Remember to give me any feedback, recommendations. Or even if you just think its ok.

And it’s Tuesday yet again, May this week be a blessed one. May your frown always be turned upside down.

Love and Light – Bini x

iPhoneography : 2015 :)

Today I submitted my iPhoneography Competition Entry, The aim of the competition is that the photos are taken and edited on an iPhone. Photography is a passion for most people, myself being one of those people – the competition is a great way to show your talent.
You can submit a maximum of 5 photos and a minimum of 1. Competition closes on the 31st September. The theme this year is ‘AFRICA IS ABSOLUT’
Its always amazing to see what sort of pictures you can take with the incredible iPhone camera. I have the iPhone 5s and I love my phone, time for an upgrade though.
Have a look at some of the photo’s I took. – Some pretty cool stuff.
Tell me what you all think.

Shelter Shebeen


Price Palace OddoneOut– I called this one – odd one out. – my favourite picture. And if You look close enough, you’d understand why. ย  image4 aloneย ย ย  Some other great photo’s I took below.

image1 image2 image3 image4

Love, light & peace. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Hope you all like it.

“A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

This past Sunday – I made the bold and ballsy decision to chop my hair off.
With it being heavy and very time consuming to maintain I decided to cut
most of it. It’s much lighter, and way easier to take care of. I’ve had
reservations of making it this short but ‘go big or go home right ?’.. As
you know Blonde is not my natural colour and its safe to say that my hair
was not in the greatest of conditions. So It was a much needed hair cut at
the least. Even if I don’t adapt to my new hair cut , atleast my hair grows

imageI know most of you are reading this post with the idea ‘Ugh, she cut her
hair, whats the big deal …’ To be brutally honest My hair has been my
shield for the past few years, It hid the pain and sadness and all the bad
stuff people had said. It hid my flaws. It hid all that which I didn’t
want people to see.
Although these were ultimately the things that made me who I am today. I
wanted to keep it to myself. I wanted it to be private. And now, I couldn’t
care less what it is that people see in me. I don’t care if they see me for
the imperfect 20 year old I am. It’s okay. There comes a time in Everyone’s
life when you realise that it’s okay to be YOU. It’s okay to have flaws.
It’s all okay.
I have accepted myself for who I really am, And as soon as you start doing
that, everyone around will do the same (don’t get me wrong , you probably
don’t need anyone’s approval). – It’s just nice to be accepted some times.

It was high time that I made some changes in my life. And I’d say I’m off
to a good start.
If you’re somewhat like me and making big plans, good luck , be you and do
it with a smile.
Have a blessed week everyone.

image Continue reading ““A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel”

A Sunday Playlist.

The sun is out , Birds are chirping but I am stuck working. Sounds like a great Sunday huh. Only thing about IT, you never know when you’re gonna be overly busy.

Thisย  Playlist will consist of old and new tracks that make my heart absolutely happy. Working on Weekends isn’t amazing but it’s kinda become my life. But then who can say they got rich from being well rested, right. Back to the Music – My music taste varies from Old School Gangsta Rap, Soul, Deep House, R&B and Blues. Artist like Frank Sanatra (my dad’s influence), Luther Vandross, Kenny G, Biggy, Tupac , Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Brenda Fassie, Mariam Makeba and the list just goes on… So Here goes…

  1. Ain’t Nobody (Loves me Better) – Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson — This song gives me hope that someone out there is going to love me better than I already love myself. It makes me wanna get up and dance. I’d call it a feel good song.
  2. Dear Mama – Tupac – Because mom’s are amazing , and what better way to say it than through this track. And i always like to get thuggin’ with it.. I know all the words and definitely been listening to this one for years.
  3. On & On – Erykah Badu – My number one R&B/Soul Artist – Her sultry voice gets me everytime. This would be my typical sunday groove song.
  4. The Soul Cafe – Kaylow – The lyrics to this song are perfectย  – He’s amazing – ‘Welcome everybody, get comfy in your bodyyy… ‘ย  – Such a great lyricist. I am definitely a lover of Kaylow’s Music.
  5. With Her hand – Ralf Gum (feat Hugh Masekela ) – Off the ‘In My City’ Album, features an age old South African Music Icon – I love this one.
  6. Endless Love – Duet with Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross – I’m taking it back with this one. Beautiful love song. Who knows maybe I’ll have them sing it at my wedding.
  7. Vul’indela – Brenda Fassie – One of my favourite South African pop Artist of all time. This song was released in 1997 – which makes it almost as old as me. If I’m not mistaken – This song is notorius for being played at weddings. Love it.
  8. Close these Curtains (Stimming Remix ) – Yoko Duo – I can never get tired of hearing this one – Absolutely adore Stimming – heard many stimming remixes and I can never say I didn’t like any of them
  9. I follow Rivers ( The Magician Remix ) – Lykke Li – Heard it in Durban last year at a club with my cousins, get’s me thinking about them. Its definitely a fun song.
  10. Overshadowed – Atjazz & Julian Gomes – Lovely deep tones and mesmerizing lyrics. Deep House is beautiful. Just beautiful .

Hope You all love these tracks as much as I do ….

Have a blessed Sunday All.

Love and Light to all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Myself, Shoes and Healthy Living…

Ok – so here goes. My first realย  post on my New Bog.

But first let me fill you in on who Binita is.
I am a 20 year old female, born April 30th in 95′. I am a born and bred South African living in Johannesburg.
My life may not be all that special to some of you. But it’s special to me.
I have a 9-5 Day job as an I.T Grad, ‘Specialist’ is what I’d like to call myself.
My interests vary from fashion, Photography, Charity events to eating and sleeping…
I have high hopes and unrealistic dreams like many others out there.
I’d like to be a millionaire by 25, who know’s maybe I will get there. Sooner or maybe later.
I’m not sure if it’s unlikely for a 20 year to be undecided about their career path. But I am.
I guess It’s just that I’d to make all my dreams come true. I feel like one shouldn’tย  be put in a box.
One day I really and truly want to be a photographer, one day its public relations, one day its I.T. I have my days.
Enough about me.
Let me fill you in on my most recent doings.

I am a lover of shoes. I have many pairs, and it’s very likely that I’d post my purchases.
So The Nike Roshe Run 1 – beautiful shoes.
Not only are they comfy and light, they look stunning. I bought an all white pair. This is my second pair of Roshe’s.

They definately look great on.
I recently discovered a online sneaker store. Based in Cape Town. Shelflife.
They offer free shipping and are quite reasonable with their prices.
Web Address :
Picture to follow.

image2 image3
Also I have been on my weight loss journey for quite some time, I have been trying all sorts of extreme diets.
I am only seeing some sort of progress now that I have started Banting.
Not sure if you all know this one – It’s called BANTING. Part of the ‘REAL MEAL REVOLUTION’ – it’s an intense diet.
The diet is high in fat but includes very few carbohydrates. Its made of lists – Green, Orange and Red.
These indicate what you can eat (green), what is ok but contains carbs (orange) and what you should definitely not eat (red).
It takes some time and all depends on the individual. I will definitely post pictures once I see significant results. – If you’re interested.
Also another thing regarding this that I would like to stress. Society shouldn’t pressure women into being skinny.
All that matters is that you are comfortable in your body. Every individual is beautiful.

Tips on Healthy Eating. Just some tips I have made use of.

  1. Eats lots of green leafy Vegetables, vegetables and fruit are great for energy especially on a low sugar diet.
  2. Drink lots of Water (+- 2 Litres per day) – This helps to flush out all toxins from your body.
  3. I drink up to 3 cups of Green Tea a Day. No sugar, No Honey, No sweeteners. Yes. Its bitter – But you’ll get use to it.
  4. The latest trend that actually works – Detox Water – You can flavour them with fruit of your choice. Ofcourse they all serve different purposes. I mainly use Mint, Lemon, Cucumbers and Blueberry’s (when in season) also strawberry’s work great.
  5. Cut down on Carbs , If possible – cut down on Carbs completely.


Anyway – Think I’m done for now.

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Love , Light and peace all around.

Binita xx