#OOTD : feat. the Gladiator Sandal.

It’s Spring or should I say it’s supposed to be spring in South Africa, we have temperatures over 25 degrees, sometimes over 30 Degrees. So you want to keep cool. Its essential to do so.


OOTD : Summer 2015 – Feat. The Gladiator Sandal


I used this cool white shift dress, it has a cutout block mesh on the sleeves. Always good to have one or two shift dresses lying around, great to just throw on. And they keep you cool.

The gladiator sandal, is a fun item to have. You can throw them on to spice up an outfit. They look great and are very comfy. I love mine.

The accessories… The black drop Earings are Lovisa, and Tassel bracelet is Cotton On. Also my Gold watch from Daniel Klein. I also did a bright orange and white nail.


I have a gladiator shoe on my wish list – Thought I’d share. It’s from zoom – They’re called ‘Holley‘ and from SuperBalist. I absolutely love these. Hope to get it before summer ends.

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Love & Light ! 🙂


Nifty Storage Tip#1

I’ll be honest, I’m a little careless. 🙈 I tend to lose things easily. My earrings being one of those things, and they’re my biggest obsession, so it breaks my heart everytime.

Mom had actually gotten these before I did. Had to beg her to get me one too.
This cute little organizer is amazing , especially if you’re like me. They’re practical and can fit basically anywhere. I went away this past weekend and actually packed it into my bag.
They have adjustable compartments. My rings and studs fit perfectly into the little compartments.
image1 image2
You could probably get these at PlasticLand or any other storage store.
I love mine! ❤️❤️❤️
Hope you like it!
Love and Light ! ❤️✨
Binita xx